Every winemaker’s style is different, and we believe it is very much an art. Our winemaking style leans toward the practices of what is called the natural winemaking movement: we avoid the use of additives in the cellar and take a non-interventionist approach to wine. We work directly with all of our Texas farmers to support and encourage the most beautiful crop possible every Harvest. Working toward a quality Harvest allows us to make wines in our exciting style.

All of our wines ferment spontaneously; no commercial yeast strains are added to a fermentation. Additional color or tannin will never be added to our wines. The additions of tartaric acid or minimal SOtake place on a case by case; all wines are different, and so far we have not had to use additions of acid or sulfites. This is something we look forward to discussing in our tastings.

We are always completely honest about our wines and the production practices that helped us make our wines, and through our transparency we believe our guests will see that the Crowson wines they taste are uniquely authentic.